The Earl of Conundrum

Meet Earl

Writing a blog takes time and frankly, I am not good at managing my time. So, being the lazy-ass I am, I decided to outsource my blog. As luck would have it, my double-first-half-second-cousin (by marriage and divorce),  Earl, recently found me on Facebook. Since Earl is between “jobbertunities” he will be the primary author of content. Earl has never  had a problem coming up with ideas on a broad array of topics, and he has never been at a loss for words to express these ideas in his own colorful and unique way. Once you get to know Earl a little better, his choice of words will make you less and less uncomfortable, but there are things he says and does that range from humorous to scatological to downright offensive. Don’t worry, he’s not Robert Mapplethorpe or anything like that (at least not intentionally). More like Ricky Bobby with a MacBook. Since Earl never really progressed his education beyond the 8th Grade in the Mississippi Public School system, much of what he thinks about is very similar to an 8th grade boy’s world view.  So if references to bodily functions, testicles, snot, farts, dingleberries etc… are offensive to you, now might be a good time to veer off this path and browse some of the more civilized content on the Conundrum Trail. But, if you are adventurous and you appreciate the humorous aspects of those topics, I invite you to check this guy out. If you’re not careful, you may occasionally find something memorable or a nugget of beauty in his country wisdom.