Welcome to the Conundrum Trail Photo Website. My name is Jay Meyers and I live in Golden, Colorado. I am interested in many different types of photography, but as you have seen, I tend to present images that are in 3 primary categories. Nature, Architecture, and performers. There are of course exceptions to this, but I am particularly interested in shooting street performers in action. I travel a fair amount and I take my camera when I can. When people ask me “how did you get that shot?” I can only reply, “I was there and I had my camera“. Sometimes it’s lucky, and sometimes it’s a lot of work. I have been interested in photography for several years, but it was not until I picked up a Nikon Digital SLR camera and a few lenses that I was able to accelerate my knowledge of photography and apply whatever composition skills I’ve picked up from every photograph I have studied. I have often said, “Anybody with a hundred bucks is a photographer these days.” I have a lot of respect for professional photographers, and the chasm between what I do and what they do is vast. I want to make it clear I understand the difference. An artist who can channel their passion and make a living is rare indeed. So, I have a day job. Regardless, my images are important to me and I think some are pretty interesting.

Friends have urged me to put together this site, so here we are. Conundrumtrail.com is intended to share my work and goofy thoughts. The files on this site are lower resolution so they will not take forever to load on your screen. If you are interested in purchasing a piece, I will be happy to arrange the printing. Thanks for coming to the Conundrum Trail and I hope you enjoy your visit. Please leave me a note with your thoughts and suggestions in the Comments area on each page.

If you’re one of those people who appreciates music on web pages, I have included audio controls on the bottom of each page and you can check out the selections.

  Don’t worry, it won’t blare out of your speakers at work unless you want it to.

Thanks to my nephew, Elliot Ernst, who has patiently assisted me with this site. You will see his logo “Elliot Help” Without him I would have continued to put this project off.

I will be starting a Blog page very soon on a broad array of topics. Please come back and visit.

Jay Meyers